Taking the meaning of groove to a new level

Cape town – or the ‘mother city’ as we South Africans like to call it, is a vibrant place with some even comparing it to the likes of Miami. The city is famous for it’s many attractions, to name a few, it’s beautiful beaches, majestic sunsets and and of course table mountain (named a natural wonder of the world). Besides the cities sites, international tourists also travel to South Africa to experience “the Cape Town vibe”.From chilling on Clifton or camps bay beach to visiting the lush vineyards of world class wines, there is a certain buzz here that will never leave you.Like Miami, the party never stops in Cape Town, be it Long street or the hussel and bussel of the stellenbosch square (Bird street).

There are also plenty Techno and Trance day rave festivals that happen almost on a monthly basis. You can almost guarantee that a couple of your mates are already getting themselves ready for the next one.
Now this is where things get exciting folks! In the small student town of Stellenbosch, we have two lads on the rise who have laid an impression and are definitely making sizeable waves.

They go by the name “Groove Two us”, a dynamic DJ duo based around Cape Town and Stellenbosch that have left their mark and are here to stay. Consisting of Luke Commons and Nick Hoare, the pair have a common love for music that feeds their soul. It’s almost like a Yin and Yang sorta vibe going on that creates this ‘resonance cascade’ that just works. Their style consists of Techno, Tech and Psy which creates the euphoric atmosphere that their crowds find so appealing.

So where did it all begin?

“Nick and I had been friends throughout school and always shared the love for good music that feeds the soul and puts a smile on your face. During the middle of our first year in Stellenbosch Nick approached me and posed the idea of forming a DJ duo. Not your traditional black shirt wearing Cape Town DJ but rather a pair that would change things up and bring a ‘groove’ to the music scene that was so hard to find.
Both of us, avid night goers, love the festival scene (more Nick than me, haha!) and could see that there was a gap in the market for something new.” – Luke.

Where did the name come into play?

“We brainstormed over names for a few days and knew that it had to implement the ‘Groovy’ idea into it. Hence the name finally came, Groove Two Us. The whole idea of the name is that people know we want them to Groove whenever they see us on a line-up. We want them to know that they won’t dance to our music, but they will rather feel it and let it uplift them. Obviously the whole ‘Two’ part is pretty self explanatory.” – Luke.

A big part of the vision that they’re gearing towards is the day rave scene. Their music is based heavily off that chilled “groove” that will probably get you jiving to your heart’s content, as well as the fact that they don’t only want to be seen as a DJ duo but rather as a brand. There is a lot in store for the coming months. The pair have plans set out to start something called ‘Sunday Sessions’, which will be set around Cape Town (at a secret location) during those gorgeous summer sunsets as an offset of the ‘Kinky Disco Festival’. You’ll be watching the sun slowly fade with good people and great music for the ultimate chilled vibes.

Local is better.

“We are really about supporting local and try our best to play our sets with the majority of local artists’ music, including our own. We believe that there is such talent out there that still has to be found, looking at the likes of Stab Virus, Yeti, Ryan Murgatroyd (to name a few), we can see that if we tap into the talent around us there is so much to be found.”- Luke.

The duo are striving to bring a new groovy day-tech style genre to the festival scene and around the world to showcase their passion, as well as an EP in the upcoming months. Their day time tech is perfectly suited for the festivals that Cape Town has to offer such as We Love Summer and Kinky Disco (to name a couple).
You might be asking asking yourselves where you can catch this dynamic duo in action. Well if you’re based around the Cape Town and Stellenbosch area you can catch them frequently at The Terrace in Stellenbosch. If you don’t know where that is, you should! They are also scheduled to play at this years Litchi Party up in Balito on the 1st of December and on the 9th of the December at the PlayGround in Cape Town. Throughout the rest of  December and January though, the boys will be booked as residents for New School Productions, so if you are in the Durban area keep an eye out.

Here is a little clip for you guys to see what’s in store! Give them a like on their Facebook page to keep up to date with news and upcoming events.

Here is a link to their Soundcloud.


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