iPhone 8 – Does it really suck that bad?

The date has been announced. The new iPhone 8 will be hitting South African stores on Friday the 20th of October. At what cost though? Currently there has been no announcement of prepaid cost or any prices on contract with any of the service providers, but what we can say is that you’re probably going to have to sell a limb or two and maybe a kidney to keep up with the price tag. As of this point, the current starting price of the iPhone 8 is currently $699, while the plus is $799 in America. In rands we’re looking at about R9500 starting price but that doesn’t take into account the import costs. Realistically you should expect an exorbitant number as a South African.

The iPhone 8 is still an okay-ish phone. It’s powerful, boasts a great camera and a wealth of other pointless stuff that the majority of iPhone users will never use. For the average iPhone user it fits the bill. For those hoping for more, given the higher price tag, you’re out of luck.

Now, does it really suck? Well quite honestly, yes, it’s piece of crap, sugar coated with more crap. Apple as a “leading innovator” haven’t really innovated from the previous model, so in essence you’re basically just buying an iPhone 7 with a glass back (yes a glass back). You would think that Apple would learn from their mistakes, right? Remember the 4s with the glass back? Enough said. With an upgraded A11 chip you will definitely experience a touch more speed but that’s really about it. Don’t let the name iPhone 8 get you too excited, it’s basically just a 7s, and a cheaper alternative to the soon to be iPhone X but we’ll save that rant for another day.

The only real stand out feature from the iPhone 8 is the wireless charging, but then again Samsung have been leading that race for the last two years now. And not to mention that you have to buy the wireless charger separately from Apple, really? A typical apple branding and marketing stunt. Apple is well aware of it’s faithful followers who will do or pay just about anything to get their hands on the newest Apple products.. Sheep.

Our verdict…

iPhones have always been in the spotlight with their mobile devices and have without a doubt produced top notch devices. However, it gets annoying after awhile. When a new iPhone is announced we all burst with excitement, only to realize that its is the exact same as the previous model without any “new” innovative functionality. Would I still buy an iPhone? Hell yeah I would, but I’ll stick with my iPhone 6.

Here is a little bonus clip of Google bashing the new iPhone while showcasing their new Google Pixel 2.


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