If you’ve somehow managed to stumble upon our site, us here at The Daily Portion thanks you.

First off you might be asking yourself, what is The Daily Portion? Well, the daily portion is the epitome of what it means to be a young, free thinking millennial in this beautiful country we call South Africa. We tackle trending news on tech, apps, wine, University life and so on and so forth. We also write humorously informative articles on just about anything and everything.


It all started off with two friends who had an idea. This idea did not include sharing cliche news and negative topics. No, the idea was to create a platform where ideas could flow, and free thinkers such as ourselves could find a place to immerse themselves in.

Our target audience is people like us; students, young adults, free thinkers and people on the cusp of entering the big world. We needed a way to get in touch with them, thus, The Daily Portion was conceived.

We are are just two guys who want to share humorously informative news and rants with you.


Dean Carbutt

Dean is the one of the co-founders for The Daily Portion. He is a content creator and writer for the website, and plays a big role in proofreading for the site. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management and Marketing. His witty approach to all topics gives a blunt sense of humor that all our readers can relate to. He has the ability to connect with people through his encompassing writing style and is passionate about expressing his opinions through words that translate into witty banter and laughter.


Nic Getkate

Nic is one of the co-founders for The Daily Portion. He is a content creator and writer with a mind that never sleeps. Nic is a self taught coder that plays a major role in the technical side of maintaining the front-end development of the website as well as the management of social media for The Daily Portion. Nic prides himself in knowing a little bit about everything and is also pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Management and Marketing. He has experience working for a top magazine which has allowed his creativity to shine through our blog.